So now that is summer and I just graduated, I realize I finally have enough time to get a website rolling. So I starting looking into what simple blog engine that allows for quite some modification and custom themes. So I came across Pelican after going through some static blog generators, and coming across Pydanny's Website, I decided on Pelican. Yeah if you click on pydanny's website you'll see that they basically look exactly the same. That is because I just followed his as a template and we are both using the same pelican theme. Also Pydanny's website contains a good article on all the different static blog generators and how to run your own pelican website if you are interested!

After getting something decent going on in my own lil virtual box, I went to try and deploy it. Which I knew would be the most annoying phase, since you have to deal with various elements. Such as: your registrar, creating A records, waiting for DNS servers to update and countless hours googling. But it payed off, I will write a guide later on about how to roll your own Pelican website using github for free! (unless you want to have your own domain name)



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