Resume PDF Version and Coursework PDF Version

Education & Honors:

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor of Arts, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY May 2012
Major: Computer Science / Minor: Economics / Major GPA: 3.66/4.00
Study Group Member, Cardiff University, Wales, UK Spring 2011
Member of Upsilon, Pi, Epsilon Honor Society for Computer Science Spring 2012

Technological Skills & Programming Languages:

Currently using at work: Python, Shell, Linux CentOS, MySQL, MSSQL, Windows Server and Nagios
Previously used: Java, C++/C, Haskell, JavaScript, Django, Git, MIPS Assembly, Eclipse

Working Experience:

Healthcare Operations, Nuance Communications Inc, Burlington, MA

Systems Administrator July 2012 - present

  • Python and shell scripting to achieve data gathering and scalable monitoring tasks that can also be used through the Nagios monitoring engine
  • Aid in developing the monitoring infrastructure (OS, application and network levels) across 5 datacenters throughout the world in a hybrid environment composed of Linux, Windows, Solaris and a wide array of networking devices
  • Member of a 6 person team in charge of deploying and automating code releases, documenting product architecture, investigating issues across multiple layers, building new servers and incident resolution

Computer Science Department, Colgate University

Teaching Assistant Fall 2009 - Spring 2012

  • Aid groups of students, varying in size from 5 to 25, throughout programming assignments by explaining the appropriate data structures and algorithms
  • Tutor for Introduction to Computing I and II as well as Computer Organization and Architecture using Java, Python and MIPS assembly

Research Assistant: Summer 2011 - Spring 2012

  • Stress and performance testing on GENI to collect passive network measurements using Python and C
  • Extend existing documentation, develop system tests to preapare the GENI system for deployment and co-author a research paper submitted to TRIDENTCOM 2012

Colgate Art/Art History Department, Colgate University

Student Assistant Spring 2009 - Spring 2012

  • Aid in the implementation of an image server using Django and Python
  • Clean image imperfections using Photoshop CS4 and archive them using File Maker Pro

Financiera Comercial Hondurena de S.A., FICOHSA, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Financial Analyst Intern Summer 2010

  • Analyze the rist for various credit requests ranging from small business to multinational corporations in the Risk Analysis department
  • Explore and interview the managers in each section of the bank to gain operative and structural knowledge about FICOHSA

Leadership Experience:

Code for Boston, Boston, MA - Lead and start developing Urbanite, a new open source web application using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and Angular.js - Participate in weekly discussions regarding big data questions in regards to their civic applications and contribute ideas to the multiple Code for Boston project

Colgate International Community, Colgate University

President/Vice-President Spring 2009 - Fall 2011

  • Organize pre-orientation for 74 international freshmen and plan monthly events to increase intercultural bonding
  • Write/Edit a handbook for international freshmen

Computer Science Club, Colgate University

Co-President Fall 2011-Spring 2012

  • Organize bi-weekly meetings, lunches and coding events
  • Encourage bonding between Computer Science Majors of all years

Amnesty International, Colgate University

President/Vice-President Spring 2009 - Spring 2012

  • Organize Ugandan relief fund through Beads for Life charity organization
  • Participate/Organize Colgate's Amnesty International Participation on the 2009 and 2012 General Assembly

Computer Science and Economics Coursework:

COSC Courses:

  • COSC 101 Intro to Computing I
  • COSC 101L Intro to Computing I Lab
  • FSEM 142 Technology-Electronic Commerce
  • COSC 102 Intro to Computing II
  • COSC 102L Intro to Computing II Lab
  • COSC 201 Computer Organization
  • COSC 201L Computer Organization Lab
  • COSC 290 Discrete Structures
  • COSC 290L Discrete Structures Lab
  • COSC 303 Principles of Design-Large Systems
  • COSC 303L Principles of Design-Large Systems Lab
  • COSC 304 Theory of Computing
  • COSC 304 Theory of Computing Lab
  • COSC 455 Distributed Web Apps / Cardiff University
  • COSC 491 Database Systems / Cardiff University
  • COSC 491L Database Systems Lab / Cardiff University
  • COSC 480 Topics: Economic Reasoning / Computational Design
  • COSC 465 Computer Networks
  • COSC 465L Computer Networks Lab
  • COSC 302 Algorithms
  • COSC 302L Algorithms Lab

Economics related Courses:

  • ECON 151 Introduction to Economics
  • ECON 252 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • ECON 251 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • ECON 219 Chinese Economy
  • ECON 348 Health Economics
  • GEOG 313 East Asia: Comparative Economic Geography