Welcome to the online home of Roberto Segebre! In this website you can learn about my coding and technology related interests as well as about me. If you are interested in connecting with me, you can find links at the right side of the page to the various social networking websites.

I graduated in 2012 from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY, US. My major at Colgate was Computer Science and I also minored in Economics, but I still had the opportunity to take plenty of classes in various other disciplines such as Japanese, Political Science, Human Geography and others. I am currently working in Akamai. I do not have a lot of professional experience at software development,but I like to give it a try whenever possible and I am currently changing this in my current job. I am also interest in teaching English/Spanish/COSC in foreign countries, I know it seems random but I've always wanted to teach abroad.

I am always open for any projects (programming or IT related), so if you have any projects you need help with, contact me and I would gladly collaborate. Also I am currently in the lookout for a Python project to contribute to, so if you know any let me know.


Some of the projects I am currently collaboration on:

  • Urbanite: Event Aggregator web app built with Rails, MongoDB and Angular.js. - RIP :(
  • Nagios Core Command Line: It would be in python and shell. Pending approval...


Here are a couple of projects I've worked on ranging from class projects to research related. The code is hosted in github so click on the links to access the code:

  • Simple Database: A simple commit based DB emulator as an answer to an interview question. (Try out the code through a simple applet)
  • Baby Scheme: A baby version of scheme using Java
  • Contributed on GENIGIMS: A Global environment for network innovation for academia, industry and everybody! (Also co-authored a research paper on GENI)
  • DNS Cache: A simple DNS server in C++
  • Deviruchi Website: A simple concept website, click anywhere and a little creature will follow your click!