It has been over 5 months or so since I've written a post, but there has been quite a lot of events recently. In particular, joining the worforce, renting an apartment as a alien (the legal status), waking-up early and trying to just find a rhythm in life. Well I figured now that I am little more settled in life and finally have a bed to sleep in, I figured I should start trying to find some side projects or groups to join that will help me foster my coding skills, since they are recently starting to get somewhat rusty. I am working as a sysadmin and because there is some scripting involved I still remember how to code basic things. Well I would say my Python skills have expanded a lil bit more :) . Anyways, I simply wanted to announce that I would be more involved in my blog and some projects that people might find interesting.For example: I've acquired quite a interest in Nagios which is a pretty sweet monitoring solution that I learned about at work; also I joined the group Code for Boston which is the Boston instance of the US wide Code for America group, we are still trying to get started and my involved hasn't been that big but I plan on being more involved this year.



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