This is the online home of Roberto Segebre, a student at Colgate University and soon joining unemployment. This website was the product of a long long night with a couple double espresso shots, a bag of ramen, a Michelada and a lot of water. The purpose of this online home is to showcase HTML/CSS and javacript for my Computer Networks class.

Just a reminder that there won't a Deviruchi or a smooth scroll effect without JavaScript so turn it on, it won't kill your computer.. I promise :D



Don't worry, I won't be boring you with every detail of my life, but just a short summary of my background. I was born in Mexico, but I've lived all of my life in Honduras. I wish it was this simple, but it gets a little more complicated. My father is Honduran-Palestinian and my mother is Mexican, this means that I am not the typical Honduran or Mexican. (Imagine every time somebody asks me where I am from...).

I went to an international highschool in Honduras, in which I met a lot of professors from Canada and US. Most of them were probably teaching in Honduras just for fun and mainly because my old highschool would get you a scuba diving certification along with all the living expenses. I had most of my classes in English, except for the ones that were required by the Honduran government.

After highschool I knew I wanted to go to college anywhere outside Honduras, mainly because I wanted to get away and my brother had gone abroad and he was having the time of his life. After that was set in my mind, I applied to around 12 or 13 colleges in US and Colgate University was one of the most generous ones. I had an interest in Computer Science from highschool but I had no idea what it entailed or anything, so I took a class in it my freshmen year with Prof. Sommers. After this class, it was set in my mind that no matter how hard it got I would pursue such major. And believe me, it did get hard and went into places I didn't expect at all. After a couple of existential crises and trying to figure out if this is what I really wanted to study, I realized that I don't need to like every aspect of it. Just like your favorite band, they have good songs but they will always have bad ones that not many enjoy.


Single-Scroll Website

The design pattern I attempt to follow in for this project is the single-scroll website. From what I learned this design is pretty popular for static content and allows for designers to be more creative with the background, for example The Art of Flight. Also single-scroll website are not the best for SEO because the crawlers usually don't examine all the links in the website, they only examine the first x amount of characters.

Here is a list of the resources I used:

Another feature is the little devil called: Deviruchi, who is walking around the website, following every click you make! Muahaha... This was implemented using the Spritely JQuery Plugin. I made the sprite sheet fit the required order for the the plugin to work. Every row being a state, so when you click to its right it will be different from when you click to the left of Deviruchi. This is a monster from an online game called Ragnarok Online which has been around for a loooong time.




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